About RARA

About RARA

Our Story

RARA is a collection of cultures and a story of survival; born out of a love for rare animals and rare art forms. Each collection at RARA will be based around one rare, endangered animal and one dying art form that needs revival and recognition. We are based in Toronto, Canada. 

RARA is an initiative to revive the historic art forms from the past and preserve rare, endangered animals for the future. 

We make products that are “ The Everyday Rare” - designed to last, crafted to restore the past and reimagine the future. Products that can be cherished, re-worn for a reason, not driven by trends, inspired by massive details out in the world of wild, and influenced by different cultures.




Our Belief

At RARA, We believe Rare should be celebrated. Rare should be honoured. Rare should be remembered. Rare should be protected.

Our hope is to highlight ancient art forms and showcase them by giving them a new life through modern interpretations, while creating awareness of animal endangerment. 

Kindness is Rare

RARA has created "Kindness is Rare" in an effort to combat the extinction of kindness and generosity. We will donate 10% of the profits for the conservation of the rare featured in each collection. 

For the " Song of Stripes" Collection, RARA will be contributing funds to the Last Wilderness Foundation, India

Our Process

Our designs are executed using 100% silk fabric. Designed in Canada and hand-finished by local women artisans, in India.


Our Team


A graphic designer by profession, Radhika has always been inspired by things that she has seen through her travels around the globe; stories, culture, people, animals and mainly the arts. Growing up in India, she was able to see many unique art forms across the different states were being practiced today by very few artists. Either people were not aware of these art forms or they were completely dying out. She realized that such is the case with many other countries and their art forms. Second to her love of art and design is her love for animals. Unfortunately, for some species, time on our planet is running out. With so many animals, either rare or at the brink of extinction she decided to combine these two different causes and that’s how RARA was born.