Our Team

Our Team


Being born and raised in India, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many inspiring traditional Indian art forms, intricate patterns, and bright colours. With 35 states and territories sprawling across the country, each has its own distinct cultural and traditional identities and are displayed through various forms of art prevalent there. Every region in India has its own style and pattern of art. There’s always a story that is being said through these art forms.

Inspired by journeys across the globe, seeing that each country has a rare art form, whether it is painting, sculpture or architecture, there are so many yet so little are known. My hope is to highlight ancient art forms and showcase them by giving them a new life through modern interpretations.

Second to my love of art and design is my love of animals. Realizing so many animals are either at the brink of extinction or critically endangered is heart-breaking.

I feel it is my time to give back with a hope to protect these animals and art forms.