Our Story

Our Story

Rara is a collection of cultures and a story of survival; born out of a love for rare animals and rare art forms. Each collection at Rara will be based around one rare, endangered animal and one dying art form that needs revival and recognition. It is based in Toronto, Canada. 

Rara is an initiative to revive the historic art forms from the past and preserve rare, endangered animals for the future. 

We make products that are “ The Everyday Rare” - designed to last, crafted to restore the past and reimagine the future. Products that can be cherished, re-worn for a reason, not driven by trends, inspired by massive details out in the world of wild, and influenced by different cultures.



Found in Nature

It is easy to spot a Rara woman in her natural habitat. You know her when you see her. She is a regal, sophisticated, selfless, worldly, and wise. She loves beautiful things. She is a housewife. She is a CEO. A master of all. She is your mother, your grandmother. She is you.

The Rara man knows his purpose. He is the man ready to dry tears, catch a sneeze, or subtly upgrade an outfit with minimal effort. He is renaissance man armed with beauty and style. It is easy to recognize a Rara man among the Pride because he is well groomed, powerful, and is not afraid of what makes him shine